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Susan’s commercial acumen is second to none. She is incredibly knowledgeable, not only about the commercial aspects of the business, but also possesses a wealth of knowledge about the business as a whole. 

Susan has strong negotiation and influencing skills, paired with a great appreciation and understanding of the marketplace, which gives her a unique capability of being able to sell her products and services with her customers (members) always at the forefront of her thinking which leads her to drive for quality & loyalty. 

She looks for a win-win outcome in her commercial negotiations, and is always focused on the end-goal – her approach is always calm, cool and collected which leads her to establish successful partnerships and relationships. 

I’ve really enjoyed working with Susan – she’s very supportive and encouraging – and is a warm and authentic personality

Sheila Buckley

eCommerce Manager at Independent News & Media

We worked with Susan as part of the Enterprise Ireland mentor programe. Susan has guided us in our online strategy and we could not have managed to gain critical market knowledge as effectively, without her. We miss working with her but will have no hesitation in contacting her directly for further consultation

Jeff Aherne

Director Engineer at

I had the pleasure of having Susan as my Enterprise Ireland Mentor as part of the New Frontiers Programme. Susan quickly understood the stage of development of our business and suggested key activities that led to real progress for our startup. She has great contacts and experience in the retail industry and facilitated some key meetings for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Susan for EI mentoring.

Cristina Purtill


Susan from Social Talent is definitely someone you should connect with because you can learn a lot from her simple and short webinars. I attended two webinars hosted personally by Susan, both of which were excellent. 

The webinars “How to Find Anyone’s Email Address” and “Business Development : 3rd Degree connections on Linkedin” were both very helpful and short I might add! Susan also went further to personally explain the how-to process on both videos making it really easy to understand the steps to take when using these two valuable tools for business development.

Mia Alarin

Sydney HR Outsourcing, Offshore Staffing Solutions, International Finance & Business Development, Social Media Marketing

We chose Susan as a mentor from the New Frontiers program by Enterprise Ireland, based on her extensive Retail and Digital marketing backgrounds. We were very glad we did. Susan has helped us plan our commercialisation road map for the next few months and also guided us towards some very key people that will hopefully be all the difference to boosting our new venture.Thanks Susan for sending the videos ahead of time too and for answering my questions really quickly

Tommy Dunning

Co Founder at HD Tracking Systems

Susan was Bizimply’s mentor over a 12 month period and we certainly found that she helped us along our journey of development and research of Bizimply’s route to market. Bouncing ideas & issues off Susan helped us to remain focused. When we needed help & advice she either gave us the advice or found someone qualified to help us. She introduced us to really progressive retailers and used her contacts to give product feedback and source test sites. I would highly recommend Susan as a Mentor

Gerard Forde

Founder at Bizimply

I keep restarting as I want to get the message across just how fantastic you were during our time working together. Susan was a mentor that went above and beyond what was necessary, I knew the moment we met that we would have a fantastic relationship. Susan understood my struggles and supported me as I waded through the ups and downs of bringing my business to the next level. Because of Susan’s extensive knowledge of business, retail and general entrepreneurship, doors opened for me which may have otherwise stayed closed. I would highly recommend Susan as a mentor. She challenges you when you need to be challenged and supports you when you need guidance. The perfect mix! it has been a total pleasure to work with Susan, I will definitely stay in touch with her

Christine Carolan (Hegarty)

Founder & Designer | Happynest

Susan came to the Sensational Kids offices in Kildare and gave me a one-on-one sales mentoring session which was of huge benefit to me. I learned very relevant & practical sales tips and tools. We concentrated on how to use LinkedIn to connect with people in the UK who fitted the profile for one of our teacher training courses. Susan also showed me how to use Social Media to communicate our message and to build our database of sales leads. Well worth the time

Karen Leigh

CEO & Founder at Sensational Kids

My Enterprise Ireland mentor, Susan Hickson provided an independent opinion and professional perspective that encouraged me to think strategically as well as consider what Business Solution my IT Security Monitoring concept could deliver to SME’s. Susan shared her experiences & contacts and was a fantastic and supportive sounding board throughout this process. The mentoring sessions helped me to understand “What Business I was in”, to set achievable goals and to realize that these goals are scalable. I thoroughly enjoyed the valuable insights and advice that I received from my mentoring sessions with Susan

Luke Bourke

Cloud based Business Process Automation & Traceability

When I first started working with my mentor Susan, I had developed an app for a bakery to track delivery efficiency. When this app was tested it evolved into a stock control platform. Susan advised me to do in-depth Customer Development before pivoting to an idea which is gong to disrupt the courier delivery industry. I found Susan really encouraging and easy to bounce ideas off and she also helped me with ideas of her own.

Max Pavlovski

IT Project Manager

I was very happy to have Susan as my Mentor. Her assistance with Social Media Marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook and her Google analytics tips & advice have been much valued

Rory Glover

Technical Supervisor at Kinetic Concepts

Susan helped us establish a company-centric Business Development structure and process with a Marketing Vault to store all our success stories, testimonials and project worksheets. She also explained Inbound Marketing techniques & suggested digital tools & platforms to better optimise our website and marketing. Susan understands SME Business needs and is specialised in developing a “sales pitch” from the client’s perspective.

Maria Rochford

Planning & Research Consultant at Future Analytics Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Susan at Skytek where I witnessed her exceptional skills. Through her abilities at identifying and developing new business opportunities, Susan managed to incorporate Skytek into numerous consortia for proposal submissions. I would highly recommend Susan as a well-qualified and experienced technical, software & IP business developer.

Effie Makri

Director at TELINT RTD Consultancy Services

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